Hi, I'm Paul

i design & develop digital solutions_

I'm an UX / Product design specialist with 10+ years of experience and co-founder of the internet-marketplace gearo.de (exit in 2024).

I focus on measurable user-centered design, pragmatic process optimization and the sustainable efficiency of automation.

I have gained experience working in both small and medium-sized hyper-growth startups, as well as established enterprises.
currently Lead Product Designer (PENNY App) at Rewe Digital

Selected Cases

Work experience

REWE digital – PENNY App

April 2019 - present, Cologne & Berlin
Lead UX/UI Design for Penny App
  • Led multiple products & projects at REWE digital across diverse digital touch points such as web, app and point of sale systems.
  • Drove strategic product development for the PENNY App, leading the end-to-end processes from concept to UX/UI design and testing.
  • Prototyped & iterated multiple features for the PENNY App, resulting in an 20x surge in app usage and millions of monthly active users.
  • Designed, developed and implemented white-label software solutions within the existing framework.
  • Successfully concepted and designed a key company-wide product, collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure alignement with technical dependencies and strategic objectives, including presenting to the CEO of REWE Group achieving organizational buy-in.

gearo GmbH

Sep 2015 - April 2024
Founder & Lead UX Designer

The marketplace gearo.de is a completely custom-built platform both design and code-wise. From the idea in my bachelor thesis to a self-sustaining and growing business with 20k+ verified Users, 25k+ equipment-ads (worth >40mio. €) and around 400 transactions/month, the product and every feature e.g. the automized invoicing-system, digital handing-and return-protocols or the self-written ranking algorithm is a strong combination of gathering user needs, rapidly prototyping KPI-driven MVP‘s, User-tests and working closely with our developers.

  • Conceptualized and co-founded gearo.de, with 23k+ verified users and 30k+ equipment ads, with a total value ~ €40 million.
  • Engineered an automated invoicing system, ranking algorithm and digital handing and return protocols, optimizing user experience and operational efficiency, resulting in 400+ transactions/month.
  • Led a team of 5, navigating challenges with resilience and strategic thinking, adapting the platform to the dynamic demands of the equipment rental market and established a completely new way of renting equipment in germany and austria.
  • Collaborated closely with developers, using agile methodologies to rapidly prototype KPI-driven MVPs, incorporating user feedback and driving continuous improvement.
  • Successfully negotiated and performed an exit with a strategic buyer from among multiple interested parties, orchestrating the entire exit process and transition.

Vitaliberty GmbH

Sep 2018 - April 2019, Mannheim/Cologne
Lead UX/UI Designer (contract)
  • Drove design initiatives as the lead designer for the B2C health app „Fits“, leveraging high-fidelity prototypes and conducting comprehensive UX tests to refine user experience.
  • Established a robust design system from the ground up, ensuring design consistency and efficiency.
  • Elevated premium-user conversion rates by implementing effective benefit-communication strategies.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to conceptualize the app‘s future product strategy and aligning design efforts with overarching business goals.

REWE digital

May 2018 - Sep 2018, Cologne
Senior UX/UI Designer  (contract)

I have actively contributed to multiple projects focused on recipe-related features across various digital touch points, including web and point of sale (POS) systems. In these projects, my responsibilities encompassed end-to-end tasks such as designing, developing, and conducting user testing.

Provinzial/Sparkasse App

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018, Cologne/Düsseldorf
Lead UX/UI Design (project)

Through conducting insightful workshops with employees from both Provinzial and Sparkasse, I developed a concept for an internal app designed to serve as a reliable and unified source of information. This concept aimed to address key challenges by improving internal communication, facilitating quick and easy access to relevant insurance products, and establishing an internal news and knowledge hub. Following the workshops, the prototype underwent targeted testing with the intended audience at their own fair, allowing for iterative development based on valuable feedback and insights gained from the evaluation process.

Freelance projects

2013 - 2019, Cologne/Düsseldorf
Design Strategy / UX/UI Designer

various projects

How I work


  • Lean Product development
  • Strategic & Data-driven
  • High degree of self-initiative
  • Pragmatic thinking
  • Information Architecture
  • Live-Data prototyping
  • Wireframing & Userflows
  • User Testing

UX / UI / prototype

  • Pen & Paper
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Origami Studio
  • Axure
  • Principle
  • Invision
  • Adobe Design Suite


  • Python
  • html 5
  • css
  • javascript basics
  • Swift (intermediate)
  • data science libraries such as pandas
  • Webflow

Want to work together?

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